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mipi: the best pizza in paris

Finding a Place to Eat in Paris Can be a Nightmare
For most visitors to the city, walking down the streets of Paris and looking for a place to enjoy a meal is a much harder task than you would think. For a country that is so proud of its own cuisine, the choice of food seems rather limited.

With an untrained eye, you might only be able to identify the either really extremely expensive luxury restaurants or the omnipresent cafés, which can get somewhat repetitive. Fine, when in Paris it is alright to spend a little extra money. But for a longer trip in which you don’t want to resort to McDonalds, it can get tricky.

So pizza? Not your usual choice of food for a Parisian getaway. But it can definitely be the right one.

Mipi and Neapolitan pizza
Mipi, which also has a restaurant in Naples, offers Neapolitan pizzetas, or small pizzas. To steal their own words: “A mipi is an authentic Neapolitan “pizzetta”: 100 gr, 18 cm of diameter. Prepared and cooked from scratch, on demand, with the best Italian ingredients.” Also, the dough of a mipi requires 24 hours to rise.

From the aspect of the dishes it is evident the restaurant takes extra care into the way they make their dough and the ingredients that they buy. So in terms of quality, you can’t find any better than that. And that really translates into the taste, where the mipis are equally unbeatable. They have the best of Italy in them, evoking that special feeling that you get when you think of fresh olives or bread straight out of the oven of a master baker.

But the real key to Mipi’s success is that, unlike the type of pizza that has become popular North of the Mediterranean, sometimes loaded with 3 kinds of sausages, big chunks of marinated chicken and so on, mipi pizzas don’t add unnecessary and confusing ingredients; perfect harmony reigns on their plates.

The atmosphere is modern and elegant, yet inviting. There is a Vespa which seems to be permanently parked there for decoration, but since all of the staff there is truly Italian, it is hard to know.

After your meal, do order an espresso. They put just as much effort into delivering a quality coffee as they do for the pizzetas, it will be hard to find a better coffee in the rest of Paris. A pizza with a soft drink and an espresso should cost you less than €20, an absolute bargain.

The Frenchman Antoine de Saint Exupéry once exclaimed: “Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away”. In the case of Mipi, I would not take away anything, but also, nothing else would need to be added.

PS: Check out their Facebook for special events and happy hours for aperitifs.